1. Wargasari (Evan Ziporyn)

2. Mugangara Base (Evan Ziporyn)

3. Malumé Remix (Evan Ziporyn)

4. Mugasha Loop (Evan Ziporyn)

5. Bowl Drones (Evan Ziporyn)

6. In My Mind and In My Car (Christine Southworth)

7. Monks, Not Thelonious (Christine Southworth)

8. Blow / In The Storm (Christine Southworth)

9. Underwater (Christine Southworth)


Evan Ziporyn clarinet / bass clarinet



New pieces for clarinet, bass clarinet, samples and electronics, written in January 2013 on a mangrove island off the coast of Panama, and in the summer of 2013 in the Landlocked Forest, Lexington, MA. Test-driven on the sound system of a '79 MGB, generally en route to or from Walden Pond. Premiered & recorded at the Old Quarry in Acton, MA on September 7, 2013, as part of CAI's 1st Biennial Festival of Performance & Sound Art.   All music and electronics are by Christine Southworth and Evan Ziporyn.



Wargasari is built around Balinese vocalist Ni Lemon's 1928 recording of the same name, used with permission of World Arbiter Records. Mungangara Base, Malumé Remix & Mugasha Loop contain samples from tracks from Tanzania Instruments 1950, recorded by Hugh Tracey: Mungangara by Ruthahindurwa Lukaka, Malumé Gasimba Chilumenda by Ngaina Nolo & Mtonya Bota, and Mugasha by Habib Bin Seliman; all used with permission of SWP Records.


Recorded, mixed and edited by Christine Southworth & Evan Ziporyn, with additional mixing by Joel Gordon. All compositions ©2013 Airplane Ears Music (ASCAP)


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